Our Number One Priority


Atlantic Construction Companies is serious about safety. Our company has developed a comprhensive safety program, which meets or exceeds rules and regulations of both State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA). The safety program is updated to stay current with the changing rules and regulations as required.

Atlantic Construction Companies is an active member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). Nate works constantly with OSHA to develop safety standards for specialized tower and telecommunication industry. As a general contractor, Atlantic Construction Companies believes in and implements a proactive safety program for all construction activities.

A three-tier drug and alcohol testing program was implemented by Atlantic Construction Companies in 2008. All prospective employees must pass a drug and alcohol screening test before being hired by Atlantic Construction Companies. A random drug and alcohol testing program continues testing employees after hire. Testing is also required in the event of an accident.

Atlantic Construction Companies checks the driving record of all potential drivers of company vehicles prior to hiring and re-checks all current drivers annually.

Weekly organized safety meetings are held on site. All employees working on site must attend. Pre-determined topics for discussion are presented in both printed form and verbally by supervisors. Employee involvement is encouraged. Brief daily safety meetings are held each morning and as many times throughout the day as work requires.

All new employees receive a copy of Atlantic Construction Companies’ safety policies, which they must read and sign before starting to work for Atlantic Construction Companies. New employees are placed in experienced crews with supervisors that have an average of 10 years’ experience in the cellular communication field. New tower crew members are certified through nationally accredited associations in rigging, RF awareness, and first aid/CPR. In addition, tower crew members receive training and certification by certified in house Comtrain Training instructors for climbing safety and rescue. Company policies, safety programs, and supervisors’ experience combine to ensure that Atlantic Construction Companies and its clients depend on our employees to work safe.

Atlantic Construction Companies strives for zero accidents and believes continual training, discussion, and application of safety are required to sustain a safe work place. Atlantic Construction Companies’ commitment to safety mirrors its commitment to quality, performance and integrity. Your company can rest assured and with peace of mind that Atlantic Construction Companies will complete your project safely, on time, and with quality that is second to none.