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About US

We are here to work for you. The success of a new network project depends on the expertise and focus of the tradespeople whose job it is to bring the project to life. Atlantic Construction Companies prides itself on having the best technicians and managers in the industry to bring our clients guaranteed success. For years we have helped in building out and deploying networks across the nation.

Dedication, Communication, Results

Atlantic Construction Companies understands the need to provide our clients with results. We have proven through our accomplishments that our clients will get what they are looking for. Our staff has unparalleled dedication and communication which is essential in the telecommunications industry. We promise you that your project will be brought in on time and within budget. 

Focus On The Bottom Line

Atlantic Construction Companies is focused on the bottom line for our clients. We understand the need to get our projects finished on time and on budget. We promise that if the work is awarded to Atlantic Construction Companies you can be assured that it will be handled with professionalism and expertise. We are driven from within, which sets us apart from any other company. Whomever we are taking on work for, Atlantic Construction Companies will provide the full suite of responsibility. Being a complete civil, tower, and management company differentiates us from the rest. Feel confident in selecting Atlantic Construction Companies to handle your cellular communications needs.