Established in 2007, Atlantic Construction Companies has deployed numerous wireless communications networks for various customers around the country. Our national wireless network deployment experience is unrivaled in the industry. We have performed services on more than 4,000 sites, including NSB’s, technology upgrades/overlays, modifications, and decommissioning.

No matter what our customer’s need, Atlantic can complete the job on time and within budget. Our expertise enables us to quickly resolve complex deployment issues for our customers, allowing them to focus on sales and operations. Our standardized designs, proven work processes, robust management tools, and leadership experience reduce capital requirements, lower operating costs, accelerate schedules, and deliver quality projects safely to our customers.

Recent Accomplishments


Deployed Clearwire Network in Minnesota and Illinois

Deployed AT&T LTE Network Upgrade in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Deployed Sprint Network Vision Upgrade in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa

T-Mobile L600 NSD's and LTE 1900/2100 Layovers

US Cellular in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin

Retrofitted AT&T sites for installation of First-Net

Trialed 5G deployment in Chicago IL

Layed and tested more than 5,000 miles of fiber optic cable for small cell deployment

American Tower Corporation tower lighting migration